Mike’s Books

In keeping with my interest in the future, I have recently written two books.

Managing the Future

The first, “Managing the Future”, is a list of mega drivers currently affecting our world, compiled by the NZ Futures Trust in 2007. The list helps readers to better understand the major changes happening in today’s world, and is a backdrop and a guide on how people and organisations can strategically plan for the changes that are taking place. It’s available now at $19.95.

Flight of the Tui

The second book is a novel, “Flight of the Tui”, a novel of fictional political and economic intrigue, set mainly in and around the Beehive, Wellington, in about 2040. The country, along with the rest of the world is in an on-going deep economic depression that no-one seems able to overcome. People are becoming desperate. A possible solution arises from an unexpected quarter, but it is so radical that there is widespread skepticism as to whether it could actually work. Cabinet ministers must choose between implementing a proposal from wide left field that could blow up in their faces, or maintain the status quo and risk being voted out of office.┬áThere are a number of futuristic ideas advanced in the story, which will be of interest to most thinking New Zealanders. It’s a fun read, and is available now at $29.95.

Buying the Books

Either one or both books can be obtained by emailing the author at mjgould@tauatapu.net.nz, stating your name and postal address, the name of the book or books you want to buy and confirming that you have credited the Kiwibank bank account, MD Gould 38-9000-0541529-08 with the right amount of money. When crediting the account, use your name and the book you want as references.

Book stores should just email me for their conditions of purchase.

On receiving your email, the bank account will be checked, and if in order, the book(s) will be securely wrapped and posted using NZ Post’s ‘track and confirm’ system, within two working days. There will be no extra postal charge for NZ addressees.